Sometimes no matter what the potion, our body is really just telling us to slow the heck down.

It’s also common for us to feel a bit of Winter blues around this time of year. Especially if you are living in the colder parts of the world.

My tips to help you combat this are fairly straight forward-

  • Think of yourself as a Bear in hibernation- I know this might seem a bit crazy but really our days are shorter and as we still want to keep out balance, maybe this time of the year can be your annual ‘rest/hibernation time’. I know some amazing women who do this very successfully.



  • Make the most of any daylight you get! I have been taking my laptop out to the garden as soon as the sun is out. this is such a beautiful way to work, plus I’m getting my vitamin D, warming my body and letting the beautiful free air do its thing.


Hope this helps you beat those Winter blues.



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