Don’t you think its crazy that we are wasting millions a year on ‘paper work’ for silly things within our government, but when it comes to our HEALTH and WELLBEING there is a huge gap of priority?

Well, this week I’m on my soapbox about it on my podcast (check it out here)…….

As you know, I am super passionate about creating a balanced lifestyle and helping busy business women create new habits and start taking back their lives.

Recently I started to plan my Balanced Business Blueprint (find our how to take the course) sessions and I had a bit of a lightbulb moment. For me, I know how I felt working in a high stressed, high paced business and also in my own, but I wanted to put it out their to other women who had come from environments.

So, I created a survey (feel free to have your say here) and offers some amazing women for different professions, the opportunity to have their say.

Now, these gorgeous women range from teachers, retail assistant, hospitality, banking and of course business owners. The most common factor in all of these informative responses, was that no matter what job you work in, stress and anxiety are overwhelming.

As a society, we struggle with the BUSY and we aren’t shown the tools that can allow us to get through it. Instead it is slightly pushed under the carpet and we just keep pushing through.

I feel that in 2017, we are in a new age where we are paying more attention. Things like lifestyle, health and quality of life are really starting to push through those old habits. But, is it enough to really make a big difference?

That is where we come in. By changing our habits and encouraging our children and our workplace to do the same, we are starting our own ripple effect. A ripple effect so powerful that eventually it will just be as common as handing someone a tissue when they sneeze.

By changing the culture of the workplace, we can also help manage mental health issues, obesity, low productivity and lose of money due to sickness.

So, this is my soap box today ?

I would love to hear your opinion on this. Plus if you are a change maker and have started your own ripple effect, share with me your story at

If you are ready to start making a different in your life or even your workplace, please reach out. Whether it’s a full day workshop for your business or someone on one time with just the two of us, head to and click on work with me.

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Teressa xx